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SCREEN PLANE is developing, manufacturing, selling and renting out equipment for 3D and 2D projects and is offering a wide range of services.

3D photo exhibition TWO VIEWS at ZKM Karlsruhe

The photographic stereo project TWO VIEWS of Screen Plane’s founder Sebastian Cramer was exhibited at the ZKM, Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe as part of the Beyond Festival October, 2018.

The exhibition featured 20 large format stereo images from different projects, including portraits, plants and spaces. The images have an own beauty when viewed in 2D and transform into a three dimensional object, when viewed with red/cyan glasses.

More information on TWO VIEWS.

Cunningham 3D

3D Documentation about the famous choreographer Merce Cunningham. The film follows the evolution on his work over three decades and features the collaboration with composer John Cage and artist Robert Rauschenberg.

From the official web site: (link,
„Rooted in both imaginary worlds and actual life experiences, the film features excerpts from iconic Cunningham works, performed by the last generation of his dancers and re-imagined for 3D cinema on location indoors and out. …3D technology weaves all the elements together, creating a moving and visceral journey into the choreographer’s world.“

Dir. Alla Kovgan, DoP: Mko Malkhasyan, Dir. of Stereography: Josephine Derobe
Production: Arsam International, Achtung Panda


Italian Feature „I’m“ directed by Anne Riitta Ciccone

Screen Plane provided all 3D gear, cameras and lenses for this Italian production. The film was shot on Epic Dragons and Screen Plane’s matched 3D set of Leica Summicron lenses.
Filmed on location in the Bolzano mountains and in Rome, with a few weeks in winter and a longer summer lag.
Director: Anne Riitta Ciccone
Cast: Barbora Bobulove, Mathilde Bundschuh, Guglielmo Scilla
Production: Adriana Trincea Cinema
DoP: Pasquale Mari
Stereographer: David Bush

Gyro stabilized rig for 360° projection of BWM „Vision Next 100“ shows

For the presentation of the new design study on the BWM motor cycle, the task was to create a stabilized rig for a 360° panorama, that still is following the curves on a POV of a motor cycle ride.
„We had to create a system, which is taking out the vibrations in driving direction, but still follows all movements to the side, when the motor cycle is leaning into curves. This was done with a gyro stabilized rig, designed and built by Screen Plane for this project“, explains Christian Künstler / gate.11
The project was filmed on an Epic in 6K and 5 Black Magic Micro Cinema cameras.
Director: Arnd Buss von Kuk
Production: gate.11 GmbH, Munich
DoP: Sebastian Cramer


Nick Cave 3D „One more time with feeling“ documentary by Andrew Dominique

This high profile 3D project was shot during the recording of Nick Cave’s new album „Skeleton Tree“ at London’s famous Air Studios and on locations in London and Brighton.

The film is directed by Andrew Dominik (Chopper, The Assassination of Jesse James, Killing Them Softly). Originally a performance based concept, „One More Time With Feeling“ evolved into something much more significant as Dominik delved into the tragic backdrop of the writing and recording of the album.
Screen Plane provided two Steady-Flex rigs and 3D support. We have also adapted and geared two Leica Noctilux lenses 50mm, F0.95 to work on this extreme aperture for this very graphical 3D project.
Director: Andrew Dominique
Production: Pulse Film, London
DoP: Benoit Debie, Alvin Kuchler
Stereographer: Josephine Derobe, Dennis Boehm (A-unit), Matthew J. Smith (B-unit)

Musical Roi Arthur

The French musical „La Légende du Roi Arthur“ was covered as a 3D live production on stage in Paris.
Screen Plane adapted the Steady-Flex rig to be used with a beta 3D release of Alexa Mini cameras on Steadicam. It was the first time ever this camera was used on a 3D project.
„Watch the behind the scenes clip on Roi Arthur“.
Dir. musical/choreography: Giuliano Peparini,
Dir. 3D film: Myron Jung
Production: Keystone Live
Steadicam: Pedro Guimares
Stereographer: Mark H. Weingartner, Dennis Böhm (for Steadicam unit)


Screen Plane moves to new location on the 1st of January 2016

With a much bigger workshop for production and services and a larger studio, Screen Plane has moved to its new location.
The new space is ideal for intensive camera tests, preps and is fully equipped with lighting and grip gear.

3D dance project „Womb“ by Gilles Jobin

Famous choreographer Gilles Jobin, has chosen Screen Plane for providing the 3D equipment, camera gear and stereo support for his dance project.
The film was shot on a Steady-Flex rig with Epic Dragons and Leica Summicrons.
This project is designed as a one-take film, shot in 4 master shots with hidden seamless transitions.
Director: Gilles Jobin
Production: Compagnie Gilles Jobin
DOP: Patrick Tresch
Stereographer: Jan Bernotat


Verdon Secret

This project is a high profile documentary about the famous Grand Canyon du Verdon in France, which is a paradise for white-water rafting, climbing and nature hiking.
The project was shot under extreme conditions, along the wild river Verdon.
Screen Plane provided the 3D gear for this project.
Director: François Bertrand
Cast: Nicolas Robin, Assa Sylla
Production: Camera Lucida Productions
Stereographer: Cédric-Alexandre Saudinos

New Wenders feature shoots on Screen Plane again

Wim Wenders adapts Austrian writer Peter Hankes novel „The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez – A Summer Dialogue“ as a 3D movie. It is the third project for cinematographer Benoît Debie shooting on Screen Plane. We are proud to provide the 3D film equipment for this movie and to support the Wenders team again.
Director: Wim Wenders
Production: Neue Road Movies (Berlin), Alfama Films (Paris)
DoP: Benoît Debie
Stereographer: Joséphine Derobe


Screen Plane successfully introduced their completely redesigned Ultra Macro 3D system at NAB 2015.

The system is equipped with wireless motorised lens and rig controls on all axis and it is fully suitable for IMAX 4K delivery.

Gaspar Noé wraps his new feature film in Paris

Renowned director, screenwriter and producer Gaspar Noé shot his new feature film „Love“ entirely on Screen Plane rigs.

The feature film started shooting in autumn 2014 and warped February this year in Paris. Two Steady-Flex rigs equipped with RED Epics and Leica Summilux lenses were used.

It is definitely something special we have to expect from the director of „Irreversible“ and „Enter the Void“. We’re excited to see the result.
Dir: Gaspar Noé,
DoP: Benoît Debie, Stereographer: Thierry Pouffary


Wim Wenders 3D film „Everything will be fine“ premieres at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival

Oscar nominated Director Wim Wenders premiers his latest feature film „Everything will be fine“ (starring James Franco, Charlotte Gainsbourg) at the 65th Berlinale International Film Festival.

The film was shot entirely on Screen Plane rigs.

Wim Wenders also received the Honorary Golden Bear for his lifetime achievement.

Congratulation from our side, Wim!

Lumiere Award for „Farewell my Concubine“

Congratulations to Shanghai Media Group, Director Teng Junjie, DoP Xia Qi and Screen Planes Stereographer Dennis Boehm for receiving the jury prize from the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society for best 3D live broadcast music entertainment.

The prestigious Lumiere Award was handed over to the lead actors Shang Changrong and Shi Yihong during the award ceremony at the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, January 28th.


Nissan IR / colour commercial

Screen Plane provided the stereo rigs and camera gear for a Nissan commercial shooting infrared and colour from identical perspectives to be combined in postproduction later on.

A Steady-Flex rig equipped with RED Epics and Leica Summicrons was used for this innovative project on location in Barcelona/Spain.
For this production Screen Plane specifically modified its RED cameras for IR sensitivity.

Agency: Velvet Mediendesign GmbH,
Dir: Matthias Zentner, DoP: Stefan von Borbely, Stereographer: Sebastian Cramer

Cinec Award 2014 for Ultra Macro 3D System

The Ultra Macro 3D System has been honored with a Cinec Special Award during Cinec trade show 2014 in Munich.

Inventor Günter Peschke and Screen Plane received this prestigious award during the ceremony held at the historic Munich Residenz.

Through its revolutionary design the UM-3D system shoots native 3D by using a single lens only. It is available in a dual and a single camera version.


Love of Lijiang 3D film

Screen Plane provided the stereoscopic support for six weeks aerial shooting featuring the amazing landscape of Yunnans Himalaya region in China.

A 3D capable fully stabilized Shotover K1 system was used with two Alexa XT cameras. The film covers historic cities, lakes, valleys and mountains at altitudes up to 6000m.
Dir.: Tong, Nian (童年), DoP: Richard Burton ( „Planet Earth“), Stereographer: Dennis Boehm

New Wim Wenders feature film wraps in Canada

Screen Plane provided the stereoscopic equipment on the new Wim Wenders feature „Every thing will be fine“ which was shot in Canada in summer 2013 and winter 2014, starring Rachel McAdams, James Franco and Charlotte Gainsbourg.
The project was filmed on a Production Rig and a Steady-Flex rig, equipped with Alexa XT and Alexa M and a 3D set of Leica Summilux-C lenses. Additional scenes were shot with a pair of Angenieux Optimo DP 16-42mm zooms.
For the winter episode Screen Plane modified the rigs for the cold to be able to shoot in temperatures of -20 to -25°C. Several sessions in a cold chamber where done during the prep to test cameras and rigs under extreme wheather conditions.
Prod: Neue Road Movies, Montauk Productions, Göta Film, Film i Väst
Director: Wim Wenders, DoP: Benoit Debie, DoS: Josephine Derobe, Stereogr: Thierry Pouffary
– Charlotte Gainsbourg fine to join Wim Wenders‘ 3D drama
– Rachel McAdams Joins James Franco in ‚Every Thing Will Be Fine‘ (Exclusive)
– Berlin: Wim Wenders on How 3D is Drowning ‚in a Lack of Imagination‘ (Q&A)


First set of matched 3D Leica Summicron-C primes delivered to Screen Plane

With their compact size and the pristine image quality the new Leica Summicrons are an ideal choice for the Steady-Flex rig. We are proud to receive the first matched 3D set from CW Sonderoptic.
„It´s amazing how good the match between the lenses is. Just like they are, they are already very good, but with a paired set I guess you can’t get a better match at all.
It was great to visit the Leica team in Wetzlar, with whom we have worked very closely on different projects.
We really enjoyed matching the lenses with them and sharing additional ideas on 3D requirements.“
Sebastian Cramer – Screen Plane

SCREEN PLANE moves to a new location

We have finally moved to our new location early 2014.
The new facility includes a 180 sqm studio, for prep, testing and even smaller productions, as well as the assembly, administration and development.


Four additional 3D episodes of „Cathedrals of Culture“

After the pilot for the documentary series „Cathedrals of Culture“ shot by Wim Wenders, Screen Plane continued the work on this project in 2013 by providing stereoscopic gear, camera equipment and stereographic services on four additional episodes.
The project features outstanding architecture like the Berlin Philharmonie, the National Library / St. Petersburg, Centre Pompidou / Paris, Oslo Opera House / Norway, Halden Prison / Norway and the Salk Institute / USA.
The projects (except of the Salk Institute) where all shot on a Steady-Flex rig with Epic cameras and Ultra Prime lenses. More then 2/3 of the footage was done from Steadicam, on a completely wireless setup. The operator could move freely even for long takes up to several minutes.
All documentaries were shot in a fast and effective production speed, with an average of five editorial minutes per shooting day.
Directors: Wim Wender, Michael Glawogger, Michael Madsen, Robert Redford, Margreth Olin, Karim Ainouz
DoPs: Christian Rein, Wolfgang Thaler, Ed Lachmann, Oystein Mamen, Ali Olcay Gozkaya
Dir. of Stereography: Josephine Derobe
Stereographer Petersburg / Halden: Sebastian Cramer
Cathedrals of Culture: Berlin Review

Screen Plane presents fully motorized 11-axis 3D rig on IBC 2013

The new Alignment-Motor-Module (AMM) converts the established Screen Plane Production Rig into a fully motorized 11-axis 3D unit.
The AMM controls roll, tilt and height and replaces the existing manual alignment module. It can be installed within minutes while the manual alignment module can be kept as safety backup and reinstalled at any time.
Compatible with Stereolabs PURE and PURE On-Set, Screen Plane offers a suitable broadcast solution and pushes to speed up existing feature film workflows on set.


Jean-Jacques Annaud’s „Wolf Totem“ shoots on Screen Plane

The project „Wolf Totem“ is based on the Chinese bestseller by Lu Jiamin and directed be the french director Jean-Jacques Annaud. The filming currently takes place in Inner Mongolia. With a shooting period of over 9 months and a production budget of $38 million, this film is one of the most important productions in China this year.
China Film Group has acquired several Screen Plane 3D rigs for this and other feature projects.

The film is shot with a Production Rig, equipped with Angeniuex zooms 16-42mm and 30-80mm and a Steady-Flex with Ultra Primes, both with Epic cameras. Shots which require longer lenses are shot in 2D on an Alexa and to be post converted.
The leading roles are played by Chinese stars Feng Shaofeng and Dou Xiao.
Further information on the project:
Wolf Totem (film), Wikipedia
Director Jean-Jacques Annaud Presents ‘Wolf Totem’, Variety
Cannes: French Co-Production ‘Wolf Totem’ Casts Chinese Stars in Lead Roles, The Hollywood Reporter
Prod: Edko Films, China Film Group, Reperage
Dir: Jean-Jacques Annaud
DP: Jean-Marie Dreujou
Stereographer: David Bush

„Farewell my Concubine“ wrapped in Shanghai, August 2013

This feature production is an adaptation of the famous Peking Opera for the screen, featuring Shang Changrong and Shi Yihong in the leading roles.
The project was shot on Screen Plane rigs on stages in Shanghai using a Production Rig with zooms and a Steady-Flex.
Screen Plane provided the lead stereographer as the only foreign team member to support the chinese film crew.
Prod: Shanghai Media Group
Dir: Teng Junjie
DP: Xia Qi
Stereographer: Dennis Boehm


Screen Plane shoots Adidas „World Fashion Film“ – March 2013

For the international presentation Adidas created a 3D film which was shot on stages in Munich/Germany in a total of 12 shooting days.
Screen Plane provided two Production Rigs, one for extreme slow motion shots, equipped with Phantom Flex cameras for framerates up to 1500 fps. Both rigs were equipped with zoom lenses.
For details of the clothes and applications Screen Plane´s new Ultra Macro 3D camera was used as well.
The film is introducing the new collection of Adidas for the next season as well as the new outfits for the soccer worldcup in Brazil next year.
Prod: Fine Arts Film
Dir: Claus Bertling
DP: Sebastian Cramer
Stereographer: Dennis Boehm

Ultra Macro 3D camera: UM-3D

Screen Plane is proud to introduce the new UM-3D camera to the market. The camera allows to film extreme macro shots which cannot be filmed with conventional mirror rigs. It allows for an extreme scaling factor like a single bee full frame on screen in 4K.
The camera records to two separate Epic cameras in 4 or 5K (other cameras, like highspeed cameras, can be mounted as well). The revolutionary aspect is, that it uses only a single lens and not a mirror configuration like normal macro setups most often do. The stereo base can be adjusted from 2 to 8mm.
The camera was originally developed by 3D pioneer Guenter Peschke and is now exclusively offered and further developed by Screen Plane. The system is available for rent and comes with a rig tech and/or a stereographer.
Sample images as stills in HD, single eye and SBS can be found here.


Screen Plane shoots 11 Kraftwerk 3D concerts

Screen Plane has shot a series of Kraftwerk concerts on their 2013 world tour, with a total of six concerts in the Duesseldorf K20 Kunstsammlung and five concerts in London’s Tate Modern in the amazing Turbine Hall.
After filming the background 3D footage for their concerts more than a year ago, we are proud to continue the work with one of the most famous
german bands.

The project was challenging because the concerts include a 3D projection thru the entire show, which had to be maintained during filming. It’s the first project we know of, filming 3D in 3D.

The concerts were shot on Alexa cameras with Angenieux zoom 16-42 and 30-80mm and
Screen Plane´s Production Rig.
DoP: Sebastian Cramer
Stereographer: Dennis Boehm

Wim Wenders shoots pilot of „Cathedrals of Culture“ with Screen Plane/h4>

Wim Wenders and his stereographers Josephine Derobe and Thierry Pouffary („Pina“, „Asterix“) have choosen Screen Plane as the technical partner for the 3D equipment for their new documentary.
It is the first film of a series of documentaries about famous buildings around the world. The pilot was shot in the Philharmonie in Berlin, featuring unseen views of the famous building and a concert with Sir Simon Rattle and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

The project was shot with a Production Rig and a Steady-Flex on Alexa and Alexa M cameras.
Dir: Wim Wenders – Neue Road Movies
DoP: Christian Rein, Stereographers: Josephine Derobe, Thierry Pouffary.


Michel Comte’s „Madame Butterfly“ switches to Screen Plane

After a few shooting days in the US, the crew of „Madame Butterfly – the little girl from Nagasaki“ tested the Screen Plane Production Rig with Alexas for the European part of the feature directed by the world´s famous photographer Michel Comte.
The rigs performed so well that they ended up using Screen Plane gear for the entire production.
The filming took place in Berlin, Italy and Los Angeles.
The cast included Michael Nyqvist, Christopher Lee and Ayako Yoshida.
Beside of the rigs, Screen Plane also provided the technical 3D crew.
Dir. Michel Comte
D.o.P. Pierluigi Malavasi ASC, for Italien part: Sebastian Cramer,
Stereographer: Jens Wenzel

Steady-Flex at Wacken 3D Documentary:

„Faster, Harder, Louder“ – shooting a high end documentary at the biggest Heavy-Metal festival in the world was quite a task. The Steady-Flex with two Epics and UPs was used handheld, on sticks and on an Easyrig. The unit had to be battery driven completely and hand carried for the entire period of six shooting days. sss
After a few days and heavy rain, the entire area turned into an endless field of mud. But still it was great fun and a wild experience.
The material will be used on a documentary for theatrical release about the festival.
Production: Jumpseat – Tom Erhart
Dir: Norbert Heitker
DoP: Fabian Hothan, Alex Palm, Sebastian Cramer
Stereographer: Dennis Boehm


AUDI A3 world premiere shot on Screen Plane rigs

For the Geneva Motor Show 2012 Audi unveilled the new A3 with a 3D film shot on Screen Plane’s Production Rig and Steady-Flex.

For this project the Production Rig with two Epics and Angenieux zooms 16-42mm had been fitted into the stabilized Flighthead 5 in a close colaboration with Filmotechnic Europe.

The footage was shot with a Russian Arm and a Speedcar on location and a racetrack in Spain, at speeds up to 140k/h.
The small Steady-Flex-Rig was used with two Scarlet cameras and UPs for interiour static and driving shots as well as for fixed mounted details of the car.
The project was finished in a resolution of double HD 3840×1080.
Dir./DoP: Bertram Kropac, Kropac Media
Stereographer: Sebastian Cramer, Screen Plane
Watch the making of on Youtube

2nd shooting period of „Measuring the world“ in the jungle of Ecuador completed. Feb. 2012

Even under extreme wheater conditions with heat, high humidity and heavy rains, the 2nd shooting period has been completed just in time.
Like on the European shooting period one Production Rig and two KITE rigs were shooting simultaneously most of the time.

„The three rigs we had on the film, were absolutely reliable, even under extreme conditions in the heat of jungle of Ecuador or the cold Winter of Austria/Germany. I really liked how fast they were aligned and setup. Otherwise we would have not been able to complete such a complex historical drama in only 31 shooting days.“
Slawomir Idziak, (DoP „Measuring the world“, „Harry Potter“, „Black Hawk Down“)


Steady-Flex on „Carmen 3D“ in Prague.Jan 2012

With a weight of only 5.7 KG of the striped down rig (including brigdeplates, mirror and the built in cmotion 8 axis controller), it was possible to shoot takes of this musical with a length of up to 5 minutes from Steadicam.

One of the benifits of the Steady-Flex lies in it’s balance, as the center of gravity is exactly on the post itself, to allow fast pans without tumbling or hitting the gimble.

Screen Plane provides 3 rigs for „Measuring the world“

After intensive tests of various rigs from different manufacturers DoP Slawomir Idziak („Black Hawk Down“, „Harry Potter“) and stereographer Andrzej Waluk („Battle of Warsaw“) have chosen Screen Plane to provide the rigs for the production of „Measuring the world“. The project is currently shot on locations in Germany, Austria and Ecuador.

The historic drama is based on the bestseller by Daniel Kehlmann and directed by Detlef Buck. The three mirror rigs are equiped Alexas and Sony F3 cameras. Most setups are shot with 3 rigs filming simultaniously.

„Our project is pretty challenging as the amount of shooting days is very limited for a historical drama of this scale. One of the biggest concerns was, that shooting in 3D would slow down the entire production. After more than three weeks of shooting I must say, sofar we are very good in time and have almost no overtime at all. The rigs of Screen Plane seems to work very reliable, I don’t think we would be any faster if the film would be shot in 2D.“
Claus Boje, Producer – BojeBuck Film