3D Drone Rig - Screenplane
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3D Drone Rig



The latest development by Screen Plane is an ultra compact side-by-side camera designed to be used on drones for native stereo recording. It was created for two upcoming projects, which include aerial photography.

The system features two ultra compact 4K cameras and high resolutions 20MP interchangeable lenses. The data is internally recorded in 12 bit RAW.

  • 2x 4K RAW onboard recording for final output to RAW DNG
  • adjustable IA from 52mm to 160mm during flight
  • lightweight camera system of 1.6kg including recorder and lenses
  • 24 fps framerate up to a 4/3 aspect ratio, 4096 x 3000 pixel
  • fully integrated 3 axis Gremsy T3 stabilized gimbal
  • DJI Matrice M600 Pro drone plattform – interchangable 1TB recording medium
  • iris control from ground
  • 3D stereo SBS signal is transmitted to ground

Available as rental only whit operator and pilot.


The compact design of the stereo SBS- camera integrated into the gimbal allows the setup to be mounted well on a Steadicam. With a minimum IA of 52mm it suits for a wide range of setups, were a mirror rig would be to bulky, offering all benefits of a side-by-side rig. This might include chasing scenes or driving shots.