STEADY-FLEX - Screenplane
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The SCREEN PLANE STEADY-FLEX rig is extremely compact and lightweight.
It is designed for compact production cameras such as Epic, Weapon, Alexa Mini, Alexa M, Phantom Miro and others.
Due to it’s small size, it’s ideal for Steadicam, Easyrig, cranes, hand held.

  • extremely compact in size and weight
  • maximum stiffness
  • rugged and lightweight carbon fiber support bracket
  • adjustable tilt angle on rig support
  • can be rigged as hanging or standing configuration
  • fully integrated cmotion lens and rig motor controller

A carbon fiber support bracket guarantees excellent stiffness combined with a maximum in weight reduction.


Both cameras move against each other in order to keep the system in balance for Steadicam operation.
Due to it’s design the center of gravity sits directly on the post of the Steadicam. It allows for fast pans without tumbling or disturbing counter- balance elements.


The carbon support bracket can be adjusted in various angles for optimizing the mounting in different positions.


A customized 8-axes cmotion lens controller for three lens motors (focus, iris, zoom) on each camera, as well as IA and conv. is integrated into the rig.
With all rig and lens controls build into the structural element of the rig itself, external wiring is drastically reduced.


Screen Plane has designed an ultra lightweight 2 axis remote head for the Steady-Flex, with a weight of less than 4KG.
One cable connects to the gears, no additional computer or box required. Available for rent from Screen Plane.
More information under 3D Support.


The rig can be configured for hand held operation with shoulder pad and hand grips or on…


… an Easyrig. Screen Plane offers an Easyrig 3 with matching springs for this weight.


  • interaxial travel 10cm (3,9 inch), int.
  • motorized convergence with external motor
  • mirror box covers 19mm on Dragon 5K/Alexa Mini 16:9
  • 39.5 x 35 x 31.5 cm,15.6 x 13.8 x 12.4“ (w x h x l)
  • 5.8 Kg, 12.8 lbs with carbon support
  • 5.3 Kg, 11.7 lbs in Steadicam configuration
  • 10-32V DC input for lens and rig controller
  • 8 axes cmotion lens controller integrated
  • streaming metadata on serial out
  • adjustable axes: convergence, roll, height, tilt, IA
  • filter slot on mirror box 389x155mm (15.3×6.1“)

Available for purchase or rent.
design and specs might change without further notice